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Does anyone know any online beauty consultants??

I'm going to a concert in 2 weeks, and I found this picture of a singer and her makeup was amazing!! I really want to do mine like that, so I was going to go to MAC or some place like that and get them to show me. But i'm grounded and can't go anywhere! So does anyone know any online beauty consultants, and I can send them the picture and they can give me instructions on how to do the makeup??

Thank you!!Does anyone know any online beauty consultants??
idk maybe try sephora?Does anyone know any online beauty consultants??
sorry idk

is it for the jonas brothers. if your sitting close enough ad that make really works maybe they'll pick you to sing hello beautiful to you!!!!!!!!!! not to get your hopes up or anything like that
I'm not sure... Try googling it... And UR GOING BACKSTAGE?!?! OMJ THAT ROCKZZZ 4 U!!!!!!!

Do you think Mary Kay Beauty Consultants are kind of freaky?

Just curious? I was a consultant who could not sell this stuff for the life of me. There was so much pressure to sell.

Also most of the MK ladies were born again chrisitians... just concidental I am sure.. but odd I thought.Do you think Mary Kay Beauty Consultants are kind of freaky?
not coincidental at all. MK is also super christian. I had some girl at work send me a forward from MK headquarters on mothers day about how god sent an angel down from heaven and his 'guide' was his mom. touching....ugh. Frankly, I have talked with many mk consultants and they all talk about god's work in their lives all the time. scary. The last one I met refused to step foot in Louisianna b/c of new orleans and all of the 'witchcraft' that takes place there. Literally, she is driving to Texas from the south east US for some big MK convention and will not travel through Louisianna.Do you think Mary Kay Beauty Consultants are kind of freaky?
Yeah, really pushy.

There was a lady from MK, trying to sell around our campus. That was really hardcore.

I told her, that I dont really need any cosmetic products right now, the answer was amazing: ';So, you dont like the quality then? (smile) OK, !';
Lol, love this question. I've been to one MK event, because my friend made me, and I will never do it again! Pushy little old ladies who kept touching my belly (I was prego, but it was exessive). Nice ladies, just very...colorful!
Yes, MK consultants are freaky. They wear bad shades of makeup and then tell you that you fab in that blue an pink eyeshadow combination!
Yes everybody is a freak - except you.
The few I've known have been pretty normal. But they were people I already knew.
I signed up about 2 months ago. As a new consultant who's tried direct selling, I love how low-pressure their approach is. I'm not out to ';convert'; people, I'm just finding the people who are interested in finding ways to make themselves look better on a daily basis.

You felt pressured to sell? Selling is just one part of what being a consultant is about, but it is the main criteria for success. They give you incentives and encouragement to do your best, but you have to define your own measures of success and have your own mind.

My director and national director live lives of abundance. They encourage me to only stock the level of inventory that I'm comfortable that I can sell. In fact, 2 months in, I wish I would have bought more at the begining. I just placed an order for 2/3 of my original order. The mindset of abundance is in direct opposition to how a lot of fundamentalist christians feel, i.e. only a few will be saved, you must deny yourself comforts, etc. They live in a mindset of scarcity. So in their mind, they think that you stocking here and now and big is the only way for them to become successful. The last thing my management wants for me is to buy a lot of inventory, get over whelmed, quit, and send all of it back to the company. They realize that that doesn't make them successful. What makes them successful is being good coaches so that I am am able to write stuff like this honestly from my heart.

Believing in yourself an maintaining a positive outlook does not make you a freak, it means you're enlightened. When people get it wrong, yeah, they can be kinda freaky. It because they're acting inauthentically, differently from how they truely feel. It's that conflict that makes them freakish.
As a Mary Kay consultant I am offended. I don't consider myself freaky I do think anyone that stereo types people is a little odd. Why judge people as a group that thought is not something I comprehend.

Sorry to hear you had an experience that was not positive I never feel pressure to sell and hate hearing that some people do. I love the product and find it very easy to sell. As women we share what we love just like a great book or great new restaurant I tell people about the products I use and help them find the ones that work for them. I build relationships with my customers providing them a service.

MK Independant Beauty Consultants I need help?

I am a new recruit, and I was exited at first, but now I'm not so. My sales directer does not seem to want to be bothered with me, because I have tons of questions, and she acts like I should know everything about the business which I don't, I never hosted a MK pary before, or never even knew anything about Mary Kay, and I told her this before she recruited me, and she said oh, I'll help you, and I'll be there for you to get you started on your way to success. She has not came through with that promise, and I am left with so many questions. I need to order my business kit yet, and get my web site up, and running. I'm really sad, and getting pretty depressed about this. I would appreciate it if any MK consultant's out there had any suggestions for me...Thank so muchMK Independant Beauty Consultants I need help?
I am so sorry to hear you situation. My director has always been very supportive and I am very lucky to be adopted by another Director that is just as helpful. Because I live an hour away form my Director I go to someone else's trainings and events.

When you first receive your starter kit it is very over whelming take your time and read through everything don't get ahead of yourself sometime those answer are there not to say that your Director should be helping or directing you to get your answer but since she isn't then don't let he cause you to fail you have everything you need in your starter kit so read through it then call her and tell her what you need VERY clearly and direct example I need an hour of your time to help me organize or answer question or whatever or I would like to come with you to see you do a show or ask her to do a Debut for you or if that's something she does after you call her ands clearly ask for specific need if she doesn't respond in a way that's helpful to you call the company tell then you Director is not providing you the help you need can they find you someone in your area call that Director and explain your situation.

I am opposite personality I am a self learner I rather read all the info and learn by watching others the meeting are very helpful as well as seeing the Director do classes I learn something new every time a director does a guest event and I have been doing this for 4 years.MK Independant Beauty Consultants I need help?
Hi, This is Robert's wife... I had a similar experience with MK. I ended up finding a company that offers so much more with people and associates that really are there to help. MK's Compensation plan actually is better for the first level and that is why alot of Directors have a hard time being motivated to help others under them. (They get less of a cut). I really don't have an answer for your question. Just wishing you the best of Luck!


PS. My email is and I am willing to help out in the area of motivation and personal growth if you would like! Let me know.

Is there anyone in the state of Michigan, who is in search of a Mary Kay beauty consultant?

i stay in chicago which is really not that far from michigan and i could use the extra cashIs there anyone in the state of Michigan, who is in search of a Mary Kay beauty consultant?
If you are trying to sell here on Yahoo Answers I suggest Taking your Business elsewhere.

I enjoy Mary Kay products, but you are not to be advertising here. You should be out meeting people in your area face to face giving your business a personal touch. That is what Mary Kay is about.

I don't even sell this and It seems I know a lot more about what Mary Kay wanted for her company then a lot of these ladies who are now taking over. Dang.
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  • Should I become a Mary Kay beauty consultant?

    For the first time, and because of some changing situations in my life I'm forced to do something different.

    My field is music, but my schedule and my son are totally incompatible.

    I've never done anything else in my entire life and now my best friend told me she is being very succesful in her new business in Mary Kay, she says she can totally handle her baby, her husband and MK, and that she makes really good money.

    She's not trying to sell anything to me cause she's in a different country.

    I need to know if this could really be a good oportunity for me to start in a new business, practically in a new life.

    I'm seriously considering it, although I feel terrified, but I don't know if it's because It's gonna be a totally new thing for me or because I don't know if that business really works.

    I'm totally confused!

    I'd like some honest opinions based on personal experiences good or bad cause I'm just about to take a big step in my life and I need to be sure!

    Thanks for your help!Should I become a Mary Kay beauty consultant?
    I personally love the Mary Kay products. I used MK for 10 years before I decided I wanted to sell it. It took me a little while to make my mind up but once I did, there's no turning back now because I love it!

    When I learned the money you can make in Mary Kay, I thought to myself ';I can do what my consultant does if not better!'; She makes great money and I thought, ';If she can do it, I can do it!';

    You do not have to be a people person to get started! I most definitely was not! My self confidence was ground level but you know, with all the support, love, and training you get at your weekly meetings from fellow sister consultants, my confidence has soared through the roof!

    Before when I was in a crowd of people, I was looking for a way out to basically hide. Now, you will find me in the middle of the crowd striking conversations with people I don't even know! Best part, I don't have to talk to them about Mary Kay, I talk to them because I have the confidence to know that I can talk to a stranger...and I don't even sound stupid like I used to think!

    My advice is to try Mary Kay products or other brands, to get a feel if you like it or not. Ask a MK consultant if you can try the skin care line (cleanser, moisturizer, day %26amp; night solution, and foundation) for 2 weeks. If you see for yourself or don't receive compliments about your beauty, then try something else. I always follow up with my customers 2-weeks after using the products because I want to see with my eyes if it's working for them.

    Put God as your pilot and in Him, you will do great things! Remember, you will flourish at anything you put your hands to. You are the King's kid, you can do anything through Him!

    If you wish, I can share more info with you if you desire. You can contact me through my website.Should I become a Mary Kay beauty consultant?
    I would choose a new company to go with. I looked at Mary kay and choose Purse Party instead. I have been doing it less than a year and already have 26 on my team!!!
    I signed up to be a MK consultant twice. The first time I did ok but family circumstances kept me from continuing to do it. The second time (less than a year ago) I signed up but didnt do anything with it because I realized I'm not the right type of person to sell anything. I have a tendency to forget that I just don't like to do that stuff. But I can say this. The product does sell its self. I never really had to do much the first time I did it except go through the short little presentation and people would still buy stuff. My aunt does it and makes really good money, and even drives a MK grand prix i believe it is. Her director is on her like 10th MK car and has been doing the business for over 15 years and she does it full time and is fixing to put her 3rd child through college just with selling MK. The key is to try to recruit, though not absolutely necessary because if a person loves the product enough sometimes they will ask you about signing up to be a consultant. But my aunts director lives in a very small town, less than 10K people and she does that well. So yes, MK can be a very good business, just make sure that it is something that you will enjoy doing. It can be a lot of fun, but make sure you follow the plan, even if it is your own plan, and stick to it. You'll love it and always go to as many meetings as you can. Other consultants have awesome ideas that can help. Good luck hun, hope you enjoy it, I did even though it wasn't my
    check out, before making a decision.
    I know so many people with tons of unsold Mary Kay stuff in their basements. If I were you I would start slow. Do not buy everything that is presented to you. Go to the meetings they do help. Just know this is your business %26amp; not to get too involved with the hype.

    My Mom took me to one where everybody was holding hands %26amp; stuff it was just too weird for me. That was 15 years ago.

    Just do as much as you are comfortable with %26amp; don't get sucked into the MK frenzy...
    speaking from my personal experience, i would say give it a lot of thought before taking the plunge. ask yourself: am i outgoing? can i easily approach someone? do i have trouble speaking to people and at times being a little pushy to make a sale? and do i have the time???

    i became a beauty consultant for MK about 3 or 4 years ago. i was really motivated and honestly just looking for a way to make a little more money (while working a full time job and trying to finish college). i realized that although it was REALLY fun, and i met some great ladies, i did not have the time to devote to being a good sales person. there are many ladies who make a lot of money. the product basically sells itself, but you do have to have the time and organizational skills to let people know you're out there and follow up. good luck on your decision.
    Well, You have to have people skills.. You should make good money and be good, Just depends on you. You have to drive around to peoples houses drop them off make up and everything.

    Know the products whats best, learn the make up and stuff, how to apply. Be friends.
    first i dont like MK products and I dont like home show type things

    but some women do make money doing it but you do have to be pushy and a sales person

    liking people and being able to talk to strangers is a must

    can you tell white lies cause there is alot of that

    i didnt even know people bought MK products

    Avon seems to be big where i live but I know nothing about them either

    how about pampered chef? i went to a home demostration and it was not so horrible and every one bought some thing and its way over priced.

    good luck
    Change is scary the question I would ask is why are you considering MK. Do you use the product. For me it starts with product believe as well as belief in the company. I found so much more with Mary Kay then selling make-up it is about making people feel good and providing a service to my customers. I have fun and make money while I am able to work alongside my children. I work when I want and how much I want. It starts with a decision get all the facts then decide you are going to make it work know it is work you need to treat it like a business even if you are working 5 hours a week you need to be consistent and purpose full in everything you do. Mary Kay is a great company that gives millions back to the community through the Mary Kay Ash Foundation. Mary Kay's business plan is taught at Harvard University she was every well respected business woman.

    What matters most to me is the companies belief in Faith firsts then family then career use the tools provided in the stater kit read all the information listen to your director ( within reason) and you can be successful.

    I see comments about pink truths I read it and never experienced anything said there I would say base you decision on fact not someone else's experience. Everyone has had a bad experience with a job at some time or another does that mean no one can be successful that works there not usually think about it.
    if your a good sales person. i like mary kay products but it is so exspensive.good luck

    Are there any Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants......?

    The products are good. If you are a consultant or want to be a consultant I suggest that you check out the websit before going any further. I was once a consultant, as was my daughter, and was lied to. I went to this website and I turned in all my product and terminated my contract. My question is....Do you feel like you have to be very pushy in order to make sales? and Does your Unit Director or team leader call you all the time pushing you to put in orders?

    Please I urge you to check out the, there is some information I think will shock you!Are there any Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants......?
    It is a pyramid thing. I dated a lady that did it for years and it was a joke. There are some that get real gung ho and do well, but in my observation, that is about one out of 25 women.Are there any Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants......?
    I disagree with everything you are saying and my experience is completely different as with any job. I love what I do and the opportunity is like no other I ever had Everyone is so encouraging and helpful!!!! if your director or recruiter is pushing you to do something you don't want to do then tell her to bug off I would tell others make sure you get all the facts and you are signing with the right person.

    I have been selling for 3 years and never once has anyone my director or senior directer pushed me to do anything i didn't want to do. I am a happier more energetic person and I love the flexibility it offers me. The Mary Kay opportunity allows me to be home with my family and still earn money and get the emotional social outlet.

    I wish people would stop judging the whole company based on someone else bad experience there are millions of happy people in Mary Kay. I worked for a large Financial Institution in the North East for 7 years and I did not get treat as well as I have in the 3 years with Mary Kay. I don't talk negative about my past employer if people ask me I tell then the good and the bad and let them decide what is right for them as with anything in life.
    I totally agree with Sandra! I have worked in many companies who treat their employees like the scum on the bottom of their shoes but I'll tell you, in Mary Kay, I receive the respect, gratitute, and support that I never received from an 8-5 job!

    My director also is NOT pushy but instead very intuitive and very helpful. In Mary Kay, I HAVE THE POWER to give my self a pay-raise AND a promotion. I will be replacing my 8-5 job VERY SOON with my Mary Kay business and I have only been in it less than a year!

    I ALSO don't talk negative about any of my former employers or any other cosmetic company. If people ask me what I think about other cosmetics or companies I have worked for, I tell them the pros and cons but I don't state anything in a manner that would turn them away from them learning about the company themselves. has nothing but negative people looking for a reason to justify something that they can't bear to find anything positive about.

    Be a leader by promoting positive information and not a follower of negative beliefs.

    Beauty consultants please! shading and contouring...?

    i have sort of a wide nose and my eyes appear far apart how do i fix this, ive tried shading the sides of my nose, i am fair skinned so it often makes it look dirty what color should i be using?Beauty consultants please! shading and contouring...?
    You will need a very light skin-toned color to shade with if you have a light skin tone - barely a shade or two darker than your foundation color.

    For wide-set eyes, you can do several things. You want to draw the focus to the inner corners of your eyes. You can use a darker shade toward the inner corners of your eye lids.Beauty consultants please! shading and contouring...?
    try dark brownish color around nose starting near eyes downwards.
    I have fair skin too and use bronzer all the time. I recently bought an avon multi colored powder from the jillian dempsey collection. It's called ';all over color face powder';, in peach champagne. It has lighter shades of bronze,peach, and bone colored shimmer in a flower pattern. Just be careful applying bronzer over bare foundation, it will stick. Put regular face powder on before bronzer. This stuff blends so well and is soft. I put it on my nose and it automatically highlights the center of my nose and bronze's the sides. Use darker colors towards the inside of the eyes, but not too dark. I think medium shades of shadow and lining in gray, brown, or black with lots of mascara.
    try using bronzer. I use it when I want to contour my nose %26amp; cheekbones and I find it works well as long as you don't over do it. have a nice day
    Ah, how we love to hate our noses! To make your nose appear less wide, you need to use light color down the sides, not dark. Use the same concealer you use for under your eyes and apply it to the sides of the nose.

    If your nose is long, apply a darker powder to the tip - not too dark, one that can blend in with your skin tones. If you use a darker powder to contour your cheeks, you can use that on the end of your nose.

    To hide sags at the jawline or to soften up a severe jaw line, use the same contouring shadow that you use for under your cheek bones. Take it from ear to ear, under your jaw line.

    For a double chin, use the powder under your chin.

    Make sure everything is blended nicely. You don't want to see any lines or want anyone to really notice the makeup. You want them to notice you!

    Good luck!
    sensitive skin